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Ancestral Line



Gift Vouchers now available.

Our hourly rate is €20 per hour.

Alternatively, you can choose from one of the options listed below.

There are absolutely no hidden charges.

We hope we can help you find your Irish Ancestors.


5 hours research.



10 hours research.



15 hours research.



20 hours research.



“The Long Haul"

If you would like to commission us for long-term/specific research, or would like us to delve as far back as possible into your ancestry, then please get in touch.

These kind of projects can be time-consuming and costly, so here at Ancestral Line we are willing to let you set ceilings on price, or hours of research, stopping and starting to suit your budget.

And don’t worry, if for some reason the research on a particular individual or generation is not feasible, then we will let you know immediately and we can either renegotiate, or cancel your request. 

We also will give you regular updates of our progress.


 “Tree Surgery”

Your Family Tree is an eternal connection to your ancestors, an important graphical link to those who were your blood, your kin.

In nature, a tree is only as strong and as pure as its supporting roots. The same can be said for a Family Tree, except in this case you are the all important roots. It is you who feeds    and nurtures it, you who helps it to grow and spread its branches. You do this by     feeding it the correct information, acquired through hours of diligent research.

Unfortunately we can sometimes fall victim to inaccuracies which can throw a Family Tree completely onto a wrong path/line, giving the owner a false Ancestral lineage.

This is where Tree Surgery can help.
Using the information supplied by you, we will attempt to identify and correct any  inaccuracies, strengthening your Tree and proving your ancestral line with facts.


Visit Your Ancestral Home

If you've always wanted to visit the area where your Irish roots began, then why not contact us.

We would love to help.